1% pro tier

I think it would be useful to inform customers beforehand as to why they are going to get moved to pro tier. I just got moved a little over a year ago with no explanation.
It’s confusing as all I was doing was trading and I thought the exchanges encouraged that.
You imply its voluntary, but for some reason you move some customers to that tier with a few days notice. I always hoped you would eventually allow me to move back, but every time I ask I am told it is not possible.

At 1% per bet trading it nearly impossible and even when it is a viable option it is so difficult to calculate.
For example
£100 @ 10.0 back…£104.17 @9.6 lay under the normal tier a 4.16 profit less 2%.
Under the new tier £4.16 profit less £17.96 comm if it wins (1% of 900 + 1% of 895.86) but £2.04 comm if it doesnt.

The option to show p/l after commision would make this easier (or just simplify the pro tier)