Adjusted odds calculation with pro tier commission

Hi there,

Was having trouble calculating adjusted odds with the pro tier commission (1% on bet win or bet loss).

This smarkets article details how to calculate it with a commission that is only paid on winnings (i.e. the standard tier), but this is not the case with pro tier. Exchange odds with commission factored in = 1 + ((1 – (Commission / 100)) * (Odds – 1))

Could someone help me with this same equation for the pro tier? Would you also mind walking me through the calculation? Have been struggling :slight_smile:



There isn’t a simple equation for the Pro Tier commission. You pay commission per each individual matched bet that settles, either on the profit if it wins or the losses if it loses. We got a bunch of examples here:

Thanks, have seen the examples and they make sense.

Surely there is a way to approximate the equation though? Intuitively it would seem the case.

Any one else have other thoughts?

With pro tier the odds are 1+ (odds-1).99/1.01
So for example 3.1 becomes (3.1-1)
.99/1.01 = 3.0584
£100 bet wins you 210 * .99, but would lose you 101. So you are getting odds of 210 *.99/101 = 2.0584/1