API giving delayed odds or incorrect ones


The API seems to be giving odds as if you were not logged in to Smarkets. Is this supposed to be working like that where odds for matches are different when a user is logged in versus when they are not logged in to Smarkets?

Can’t upload images but the market https://smarkets.com/event/41982359/sport/football/england-championship/2020/12/16/20-00/coventry-city-vs-huddersfield-town

showing 3.4 for logged in users and 3.25 for user not logged in for Huddersfield Town and same on the API showing 3.25 instead of the real odds of 3.4


Just to add it seems the Smarkets API for some reason lists the 3.25 lay price as the first one in the bid offers array which then causes any script only checking for the best price to show 3.25 instead of the actually available odds of 3.4 A similar issue has happened during the recent Manchester United v Manchester City match where the odds were very strange on the API.

I have an image available but can’t upload. Says I’m a new member and can’t upload files.

41129727: {
                   "price": 2174,
                   "quantity": 1.844674407370854e+19


Prices are indeed delayed for unauthenticated users. In order to get live odds, you’d need API access.

In regards to incorrect prices, are you sure you’re not mixing up contracts ids for Huddersfield and the draw? The first bid for contract_id 41356300 (Huddersfield) is {"price": 2941, "quantity": 3270690} which translates to the odds of 3.4 and is the current market price.

Hi Eddie,

Yeah sorry forgot to mention the code with the contract_id is the one for the Manchester Utd v Manchester City match.

For the Huddersfield match I’m seeing


which is around 3.2499 for Huddersfield

Yet when logged in right now I’m seeing 3.3 for Huddersfield. So I’m guessing I have to make authenticated requests via the API to get the most up to date odds, is that right? Otherwise there may be cases where the odds are delayed?

Yes, unfortunately, the only way to get up to date prices is by making an authenticated call to this route.

Ok great! Thanks a lot Eddie. Much appreciated.