Australian football via API

Hi All,

I want to access the Australian Football market via the API, but there doesn’t seem to be a “type” for it.

Available values : american_football_match, american_football_outright, baseball_match, baseball_outright, basketball_esports_match, basketball_match, boxing_match, call_of_duty_match, cricket_match, cricket_outright, csgo_match, current_affairs, cycling, darts_match, darts_outright, dota_2_match, football_esports_match, football_match, football_outright, golf_match, golf_outright, greyhound_racing_race, handball_match, horse_racing_race, ice_hockey_match, league_of_legends_match, mma_match, motorsports_race, motorsports_outright, politics, politics_outright, rowing, rugby_league_match, rugby_league_outright, rugby_union_match, rugby_union_outright, sailing_race, sailing_outright, snooker_match, snooker_outright, table_tennis_match, table_tennis_outright, tennis_match, tennis_outright, volleyball_match, generic, top_level_event, tv_entertainment

Can you confirm if this is possible and if so, what I should use?

football_match or outright and then just filter out the ones you want.
full_slug or slug should contain the name of the league