Best price execution

I was just reading this in the T&Cs:

6.25 If a better price is available in the market you will be matched at that price (or prices) dependent on the liquidity available. This process is called “best price execution” and will be applied automatically when appropriate for your bet. This means that if you place a back bet with odds of 2, but another customer is already offering odds of 2.2, your bet will be matched at the more favourable price of 2.2.

Does this actually happen (is the funcitonality reliable)? i.e. when placing a back bet at the value in the green box, if there is actually a longer odds lay it will automatically match my bet to those longer odds?

Good evening Dale. I can confirm that this does happen in practice yes. For instance if you tried to place a back bet at odds lower than the best available price you will be matched for the available liquidity at the better price or prices first.

Please note though that the odds in the green box already show the best available price to back though so there isn’t a better price available to back at than that.

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