Bets timing out

I’ve had a few instances this morning of smarkets going wobbly and bets timing out etc. This happened a bit at the weekend too.

While it didn’t last for long and I was able to get on eventually I’m a bit worried about Cheltenham. Have you guys got contingency plans for any issues that may arise next week?

Thanks for reaching out. We did experience a brief interruption yesterday (~10 mins) that prevented most trading. This was caused by a failure in one of our services and I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I can reassure you that our tech team has been hard at work in the months leading up to Cheltenham making sure the site is reliable and performing well during the peak times. We have been load testing the site with more traffic than we expect and this has been huge to increase stability. We’ve also been working on monitoring so we really know where issues lie.