Bookies restricting accounts

Does anyone have any actual knowledge of the reasons traders may restrict accounts on other bookmakers like Betway and Bet365? As im sure some will know, the only answer you will ever get is “this is a traders decision and I do not have any more information”. Does anyone? There are lots of theories going around but I want to know actual facts if anyone has them - perhaps from people that have worked in the industry.

I guess it’s simply linked to the value you bring as a customer. if you win too much you willget restricted. same goes if you only take advantge of promotions

This is what I believe would most likely be the case but I just wanted a definitive answer from someone that knows for sure. I think it’s so wildly contradictory that bookies have “responsible gambling” slogans all over their website but yet they are willing to restrict the accounts of the few profiteers.

They should know better than anyone in this industry that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve received the “restricted account” email from Coral, for example.

There is still money to be made… It also seems to help if you continue placing bets after the notification - obviously, as long as you can find a match that will break even.

The restrictions seem to get lifted pretty quickly once you’ve placed a bet or two on “normal” odds.