i belive in Boris. he is a man of the people and will make us great again

Boris is a historically bad PM. What makes you think he’s a man of the people?

hes stuck with too many remoners that wont let him do the job. when he speaks to europe he will spek for all of us

Have you seen our Boris markets?

Also here:


Yep, I’ve been having a play around. I’m backing him to be gone before the end of the year.


We’ve got a load of Brexit markets here if you guys are interested:


thats silly. he wont leave us until the job is done

Have you put your money where your mouth is Trevor?

always mate. same as £10 on england ever match. brexit will happen on 31 October 2019!!!

We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one…

Trevor, do you think Leave would win again if there was another referendum?

If you are sure that Brexit will happen on the 31st then you should probably also look at:

and - as the UK won’t nominate an EU commissioner if the UK leaves on the 31st October.


I suspect @Big_Trev will be backing September - December 2019 in that first one, but I’ll be laying.

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wont be another vote. its the will of the people

I take it you’ll be voting for the Lib Dems in the next GE then? :wink:

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I caught some nice prices on the UK to leave before 31st October. I’m no Brexiteer but stand to win a few hundred quid if it happens. I can’t work out whether I actually want it to happen now or not…

well all be drinking champange when it happens :pound:

Better swap out that champagne for some English sparkling wine :eyes:

Might be shortages of carbon dioxide if there is no trade agreement,

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boris will stil get the brexit the people all want and we will leave europe on haloween!