Captcha - are you human - Please get rid off

Could you please get rid of this ridiculous captcha/are you human browser check thing on login, its bloody annoying.

You do realize your punters often need immediate access to your site to lay bets off or catch a fast moving price…instead they’re having to waste a couple of minutes picking pictures of buses, bridges and god damn zebra crossings to “prove they are human”.

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Agreed, horrendous addition to the site. If I get it again I’ll seriously think of taking my cash elsewhere. Punters simply dont have the time to waste with this rubbish.

Hey, you should only be getting the browser challenge when using VPN to access the site. Simply turning it off will do the trick.

If that’s not the case and you are not using any similar software, can you please drop an email to from the email registered to your account? We can check which IPs are triggering the check and investigate it further.