Changes to handicap markets

Hi there,

We are making a subtle change to the names of handicap markets. If you are following our guidelines (see: and using the market type instead of the market name to identify markets this shouldn’t affect you.

- Old format : Team with negative handicap - / Team with positive handicap +

- New forma t: Side A team / Side B team

Example: Leicester City vs Southampton:

Old : Asian Handicap Southampton -2.5 / Leicester City +2.5

New : Asian Handicap Leicester City +2.5 / Southampton -2.5

Example: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins:

Old : Miami Dolphins -6.5 / New England Patriots +6.5 New:

New England Patriots +6.5 / Miami Dolphins -6.5

This applies to all handicap markets across all sports. In the future, we will not communicate changes to market names and instead assume everyone is using market types instead to identify markets. Market names are for display purposes only.