Commissions, usages, restrictions, rules to respect


There have been discussions about how API activity is handled. For example here,5805.0.html

"We monitor traffic and it appears the number of requests made by your account is far above that of a normal web user. Making numerous requests per second is activity that is more akin to an API user and the web interface is not designed for the level of activity we are seeing from your account.

As an alternative, we are willing to allow you access to our API. Please note that your trading through the API will not be subject to our standard 2% commission on winnings structure, but instead will be priced according to a net profit and loss (P&L) calculation. The fee will be equal to 20% of your net lifetime P&L, as calculated by Smarkets."

Regarding your API, what is the correct behaviour (number of requests made on an account) that a software must have and rules to be respected in order the software is treated like a normal user for whatever commissions or others charges ?

As a C# developer, i’m interested to develop a software using your API but before beginning the development, i need to know if the software can be used in fair conditions. If yes, then i need to have these details (like number of requests per period of time, data quantity etc) so that i develop the software in a way for rules to be respected.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Alexandre,

That forum thread is somewhat out of date, the commission structure discussed there does not apply to you. You have access to the HTTP API which is subject to our Pro Tier commission structure where 1% commission is charged on winnings or losses per each individual bet that settles.

The order rate for an HTTP API account is limited to 1 bet/s.

Hope that answers your questions.

Yes, this answers the question. Thank you Eddie