Delay horse Racing inPlay

There is a delay in horse racing inplay when I place a bet?

Hi Andrea,

Bets submitted on an in-play market are subject to a four-second (horse racing) or eight-second (all other events) betting delay before being placed into the market.

We do however offer Instant Match for most major football leagues. This means that rather than placing a bet and hoping the price is still available after the countdown has reached zero, you will be matched instantly at the requested price but your bet will subject to a confirmation delay after being matched.

Route v3/events/<event_ids>/states/ has a flag to check whether the match will be managed by Instant Match. One thing to note however is that sometimes data regarding whether the match will have Instant Match available comes in late so I’d suggest checking this route closer to kick-off.

You can read more on Instant Match here.

I hope that helps.