Documentation on paramaters (for Get) and values submitted in a post


Do you have documentation on parameters or values to submit.
One example among others, here regarding placing orders on the exchange :

“contract_id”: “123456”,
“label”: “strategy_1”,
“market_id”: “128939”,
“minimum_accepted_quantity”: 15000,
“price”: 5000,
“quantity”: 10000,
“side”: “buy”,
“type”: “good_til_halted”

I suppose the other option for “side” is “sell”.

You get the idea if my question about docuemntation on values submutted in a post or parameters to provide in a get.

Another example with getting events, in which we have “inplay_enabled”.
If i understand correctly, it can be an event not yet started but we can start betting on, and when this event start, we can also betting live, is it correct ?

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Hi Alexandre,

You can look at the schema documentation when you click “schemas” in

Yes, this helps.

About parameters like start_date, start_datetime, i suppose it’s about the time where the event take place.How to use the format to convert it to local datetime?

I’m not sure this is what you mean, but you can use the default parser for your preferred programming language. For example, in python we use

On my side, it’s in C#. I will look into this direction to find a way.

i have to inspect things deeper. The thing is i convert the json response to some objects and i get the localtime in them. The thing is it’s not the time where i’m located while i usually get the correct value on another betting exchange where the local datetime is also provided, so i was wondering if it was some kind of a bug on the smarkets side or something else.

Thank you Joao

Makes sense. C# will allow you to input any format in order to parse the string: