Esports Markets

If Esports were to go live on Smarkets, what events would you like to see markets on?

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Definitely CSGO, especially with the ESL Pro League at the moment


LoL LEC Spring Split

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CSGO, LoL, Dota


Animal Crossing

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Give people the option of creating their own private betting market. So if me and 5 friends want to do an online Fifa tournament between our group we can all place a bet on it too.

Hi Jack, unfortunately this isn’t something we’d be able to offer.

Will you be adding streaming to the site for esports?

It’s not something we’ve got plans to do imminently but we’ll definitely look into adding streaming in the future.

Love the game Will, but how do you see betting on it working exactly? :grinning:

@Ed @Colin @Josh We should have all of your suggestions available now but if you notice we’re missing anything just give us a shout.

Rocket League

Definitely CS:GO and LOL are my favourites and I would be happy if they are available.