Eurovision 2021

Odds to win:

Iceland 8.60
France 11
Sweden, Russia 13
Lithuania 13.50
Bulgaria 14
Italy 16
Finland 21
Malta 23
Romania 25
Switzerland 28
Norway 29
Cyprus 32
Belgium 34
Greece 38
Azerbaijan 44
Australia 46
Moldova 48
Ukraine, Poland, Portugal 60
Netherlands 65
Germany, Armenia 80
UK 95
Serbia 100
Georgia 120
Croatia 130
Ireland 140
Slovenia 180
Latvia 200
Estonia 220
Israel 230
Denmark, Belarus 250
Czech Republic 260
San Marino, Spain 280
North Macedonia, Austria 290
Albania 810

Why is Albania at 810? Thought she has a great voice. Albania’s entrant:

France’s entry

France entry was a bit unique- has a bit of the X factor about it.

Israel’s Entry:

Don’t think Israel performer had anything good about it.

I have France> Albania > Israel in that pecking order at the moment

How good is it to view the videos on these forums compared to the Blue site?

Another clip of France’s entry

Ukraine entry:

Ukraine singer seemed a bit too serious, and the dancing moves seem pretty average. Not a fan of the introduction to that clip.

Croatia entrant:

Another clip of Croatia entrant:

Australia entry:

San Marino with a banger!

In from 280 into 34

Czech Republic entrant:

Belarus entrant:

Look like they were a band playing at the local pub.

Switzerland now the favourite with this clip: