Extra Place Market on UK/Irish Racing

Please please add an extra Place Market (4TBP) if standard 3 placings. 5TBP if standard 4 etc.

Betfair offer this on every race.

they cant even give you correct place markets , cheating all , simple as , fraud

@Nestor many thanks for the suggestion, we’ll certainly look into whether this is something we can offer going forward.

@Keith Sorry about any confusion caused with some of our place markets this week. Appreciate they’ve not been completely consistent with what you might expect but we do ensure the number of places is made clear in the name of each market. We’re looking into what’s causing this as a matter of priority and the markets should be back in-line with the standard soon.

Who are they cheating? The punters make the markets. If the prices offered don’t suit then don’t bet. It’s an exchange not a betting shop.

i want what is due , correct number of places , is that not hard to expect
another race today 5pm leicester 8 decs , guess what only 2 places,

great advert for the site, dont you think… will be closed within the year

you by any chance dont play the place market,???, hahaha, so keep your misguided comments to yourself