Get Event ID from a Contract ID and Market ID


I’ve been looking into the API and I noted that from the /v3/orders endpoint I can get current orders and get the contract ID and Market ID from them. I know that I can use the /v3/markets/{market_ids}/contracts/ endpoint to get a name for the contract, but I can’t see a way to get the eventID that would be related to the contract? Is there a method to do this?

As an example I from the /v3/orders endpoint I can see 1 contract, based on the contract ID and Market ID I can get the name such as Manchester City, but I want get the event that the contract is related to.


Managed to find a way to get what I wanted. Sharing here in case anyone searches the forum in future.

The /v3/orders endpoint will return you the order_id for existing orders.
You can use the /v3/accounts/activity endpoint and filter by that order_id, in the response will be the event_id. If you want to get further details such as the event name then set event_info=true.

If there is a better route to getting this details I’d be interested to know.