Get Quotes - Documentation lacks a little, and a minor fix needed!

Hey All!

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your API. It’s really excellent compared to others which I’ve worked with. It’s really simple and straight-forward with good documentation.


I’m dealing with this request, above. The data returned doesn’t seem to make complete sense. When I request many markets, it returns quotes with an ID, but the ID isn’t specified in the documentation. Presumably, it’s Contract Id? Please clarify that in the documentation for other users.

When multiple markets are in the request, the response should return the corresponding MarketId so that the results can be linked back up at our end, but there is no Market Id returned, so it requires unecessary traversal in order to link everything back up. This is a pain! Please return MarketId also. It’s also needed to make an order, so it makes sense for quote to return it.

Thanks, Antony