As we all know, with the reduction in UK sports there are fewer markets to bet on.

A lot of sports books are offering markets for horse racing at gulfstream and other meetings around the world.

Are you planning to increase the number of horse racing meetings that you offer?



We’ve added a lot of Australian racing this week and we are currently looking at the option of adding US racing.

I came onto the community to ask whether or not you are adding Gulfstream? Betfair offer some US meetings but not Gulfstream either, why is this?

Betdaq have every meeting but the amount being traded and the prices are laughable.

Why is it not as simple as just adding the market?


Hi Alex. We won’t be offering markets on the racing at Gulfstream at the moment. There are a number of factors that we have to consider when adding markets but the main thing we need to have is reliable data. Without this we can’t create, manage and settle markets to the standards that we would like and we won’t create new events or markets if this is the case.

Of course we’d love to add anything and everything for our users to trade on and we’ll continue to explore our options for adding this and other markets but for now it’s unfortunately not possible.

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I just don’t understand what would be different between Smarkets and Betdaq. Why can Betdaq offer it but no one else can.

This is a very good explanation, thank you guys, I had the same questions.