How to view football games more than 24 hours away?

The football is updated at midnight with the games for the current day. However I find at this time many games have already been bet on significantly. I haven’t been able to find an option to look for future games, like a couple days to perhaps a week before. Am I missing something or is there really only the ‘today’ period? If so, how are others able to get to the games aside from searching manually through the leagues?

Hi @Bilal, currently we only have options for live matches and today’s games. What additional time frames would you like to see added to the navigation?

It would be nice to have the option to set a time frame eg. from x date to x date and see the games that are due to occur within that time frame.
Right now to find games that might occur later in the week, you need to actively search through the leagues. It’s not that great a problem, sure, but I feel it could be a little more intuitive :slight_smile:

We’ll keep that in mind when making future changes to the nav :ok_hand: