Laying Basics - viewing the back/lay odds

Hi Everyone. Bit of a noob questions, but when I am looking at lay bets and liquidity, I’m a little confused about the display.

Let’s say that for an event, the back (green) odds are 1.9, with £1000 liquidity and the lay odds (blue) are 2.0 with £5 liquidity.

Ideally, I’d like to lay at 1.9.

If I offer up £100 at odds of 1.9 for the lay, it will be queued.
I think that the back liquidity will go up to £1100 (the original £1000 + my £100).
Is that correct?

And will my lay match as soon as the liquidity at back odds of 1.9 is eaten up?

Also, what would happen if (with the same numbers as the example above) if I placed a lay bet at 1.95. Would that offer up back liquidity of £100 at 1.95 - and when that back liquidity is used, my lay will match?