Multiples Bet Odds Still Awful

The acca bet odds are still awful, I understand you have to make a cut but the odds are 20-30% higher than competitors can’t this issue be resolved as Smarkets are losing out on this when this was originally implemented it was great but you guys then added a massive cut on to it which makes Smarkets 9/10 unprofitable whilst matchbook would have same at lower odds can you sort this out please

They are awful, when the markets were made manually it was surely more hassle for smarkets.

The lay odds you offer are just not good, how is anyone expected to lay off multiples when you are squeezing the margins so much on them.

A bet today I had to lay it off at the same price I backed it at because you upped the price so I’m actually losing money!

Congratulations smarkets, from now on I’ll be laying at matchbook, you have proven yourselves to be far to greedy.