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Hi guys,

I think the interface change has made placing bets a lot harder. I use Smarkets exclusively on mobile and the new betslip jumps around, the buttons are too small and the odds are more difficult to view while the betslip is open. Placing bets quickly was the best thing about the Smarkets UI and now it has taken a massive step backwards. What was the point of the change and is it possible to get the old UI/betslip back? Placing bets quickly is crucial and now it is completely ruined. It was the main thing that Smarkets did better than other exchanges.


Good evening Mikko,

Thanks for reaching out to us.
This feedback is very much appreciated and will be passed on. Unfortunately, at the moment it would be unable for us to change it back to the old bet slip.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any other queries or feedback.

it is better today now that you don’t have to tab 3 times from the stake to the price.

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Honestly one of the worst interface changes I’ve ever seen. What was the thought process when implementing this? It doesn’t make anything better. In-play betting especially will be so much harder now.

I assume you haven’t had too much feedback on it so far as there’s minimum sport on and so it hasn’t been noticed by many people, but when sport returns I can guarantee you’ll have a ton of people asking you to change it back. I honestly just can’t understand the logic behind it at all.


I couldn’t agree more with the above comments. The changes are awful. Makes it harder to place and edit bets, which is time critical in-play. Please change back ASAP! It worked fine before - if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it… I also hate the yellow thing on the left saying betslip open, though I suppose that’s just a nuisance (unwanted distraction) rather than having any real effect.

At the least, when making such changes, it would be good to provide an option to keep the old platform settings. If you provided such an option and gave users notice when making these changes, likely the huge uptake would send a very clear message that these changes are unwanted!

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I’m having the same issue it’s absolutely awful! When adjusting the stake in the bet slip the screen keeps moving so I can’t see what the returns would be and therefore it’s taking ages. The +/- buttons are also way to small. Please please please change it back to what it was before this is terrible and almost impossible to use on I phone.

Yeah new betslip is awful! Why fix something that wasn’t broke. And what has happened to keep in-play option? Or have i missed something?

Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback and all the comments, it has been passed onto the relevant team. In order to select the ‘keep in play’ option, you just need to click the cog in top right of bet slip and slide ‘time in force’ to enable it.

May you have any further comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

ok thanks for the reply. Much easier on old betslip tho’

another vote for the old format here, the new betslip makes life harder being too far away from the selection, you have to look in two places at once, when prices are moving fast this is no good and having to click settings when time is short slows everything down. Please please change it back!! as above it wasn’t broke and negative feedback will surely mount once bettors return

Not a fan of the new format, much harder to keep tabs on both the current odds and the betslip with them being so far apart
Wish it would be changed back

I really dislike the new betslip, if you’re active in multiple markets of one event it is very, very difficult to, at a glance, figure out which market you are about to bet on.

I know Betfair have this way and perhaps that’s why you’ve made the change but it really was so much better before the change. When placing bets quickly your layout was the easiest and best but not now.

Also can’t stand the new betslip, especially in-play, please please change it back.

Not a fan of this change at all, just started back with the footy and racing coming back and not as pleased.

Also if you’re going to mess with the right hand column then make it so bets are in order as when the next event is at the top eg 2pm race placement comes before the 3:30pm for example rather than events starting at different times all mixed up.


The new interface is turd. The most pointless and stupid change I can ever think of. Change it back

I’m also finding the new betslip annoying, particularly when placing bets on horse racing. I often choose more than one selection and depending upon the changes in odds place a bet on one of the selections. Previously each bet was located below each selection so it was easy to see the bet associated with each selection.

The new interface moves the bet slip away from the selection (to the top right) making it difficult to link the bet to the selection’s active odds. Also if you have a narrow window and add two selections, the second selection minimises the bet slip (at the bottom of the screen) so you can’t see either selection!

Please consider reverting the change back to the way it was or provide an option to choose the bet slip mode.

Have to agree, not used smarkets with no UK racing being on in two months and was not impressed yesterday to see the changes that have been made and the betslip makes it harder to work fast, especially if you are keeping your eye in a few horses.

Not having a clear “Keep in play” option cost me £80 yesterday as I got part matches that drifted, I had no idea what “Time in force” meant?, just label it “Keep in play”, we all know what that means.

Having it like it was before where the boxes just opened up below each horse in the list was excellent, you could not better that system, please change it back, get rid of the betslip opening up at the bottom.

Smarkets, you had a great user friendly website and you went and broke it.

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Is there any update on the mobile app? I have not used it for months and I share your opinion about how difficult it is for users. Maybe now, half an year later, something has been improved. At least I stay positive.