New "create your own accumulator" feature unusable

Hi. Great that we can make our own accumulators, but it is unusable. The limits are incredibly small and feels like something wrong. Max limit on a combo bet with both Europa league matches that are playing today is like $2-20 total limit.

Before when we could request accumulators the liquidity was much much much larger. I have been placing $400 worth of accumulators each week for many months, but this “feature” is a LONG step backwards.

When this “feature” was added we could place much more, but now its just funny how small the limit it is.

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This is also a huge problem for me. I am losing a lot of money since i cant get any matches last couple of weeks


Same problem here… Its such huge liquidity on singels but when you try to create a combo its a $10 limit. Have been placing alot of accumulators but that is not possible anymore.


Thanks for sharing this with us. We’re investigating an issue with the limits now as these are certainly well below what we’d expect. We’ll keep you all updated when we make changes to this.

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The same goes for me. Its a great add on, but it should not be a replacement to the old accumulators made on request. Please keep them both. If not, change to the old one.


I like the idea behind the new “create your own accumulator” and could see it as an addition to the “request an accumulator” that we had earlier, but it doesn’t function as a replacement:

  1. There is no way to easily determine liquidity. Several times I have backed an acca only to find out that I couldn’t lay at smarkets, even when there seemed to be a lot of liquidity on the single sell/buy market.
  2. The odds offered are quite frankly terrible. I can understand needed to have your margin, but they generally seem to be excessive.

So, for the time being, I have pretty much stopped laying accumulators at smarkets.

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So how are we meant to use this when there is zero liquidity?

Hi there Paul, when there is 0 liquidity, we can’t be sure of the odds (since its orders on the exchange that produces them) and so won’t be able to give you an accurate odds value for the accumulator overall. Hope this helps.

Agree, I would prefer to remain only the old calculator with some improvements as the new one is absolutely strange to me.