Not onboarding API users at this time!

Save you wasting your time asking, I’ve been told today that Smarkets are not onboarding new API users at this time.

“Unfortunately this service is currently not being offered for an indefinite period of time.”

Sad to say I just got the same response after spent several hours implementing the full API… Really hope that it will open up in the future so that people like me can provide liquidity and grow this platform. I think it would be a descent gesture to add some kind of status “not onboarding new users” on the documentation page.

That;s really odd as they seem to have lost some market providers. A lot of the place markets on the horse racing are very thin now even right up to the off…
Surely they want more??
I used to have API access but they stopped mine

Yep, and now theyve made the decision to shut down the API as a whole, I would assume its so that they can use their own strategies to make money instead of other API traders stealing all the opportunities.