Odds notifications


Is it possible to set up a feature to notify when a particular market reaches certain odds?

Example of use (for me). I missed Salah being outright goal scorer odds getting back to 6.0 late November - I punted him at 6.0 early season but would now like lay him for minimal QL - I’m now waiting to see if he returns to 6 and a push notification would be great for this.



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This is a great idea!

Hey Chris, welcome to the forum. That sound good! We’ll make sure to consider this for future updates. Let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see added to the site.


Thanks Eddie

You can set a notification on email on some money transfer websites when the exchange rate will reach a required level. It could be the same with markets available for a long time, like presidential election. First three should be free, from 4th I suggest 1.99 fee.

Is it possible to do this yet?

I’m afraid it’s not been added yet

Is it being looked at? This would be unbelievably helpful

Unfortunately, it’s not in our short term plans but I’ll suggest to the team again.

I support the idea and will be glad if you can make it real. Hope to read some good news soon.