Order quantity sent and order quantity in the get request to view recent orders is not matching up

Hi, I was pacing some test orders today on a market and I notice that the “quantity” field that I see when I view my orders using a get request on /v3/orders is not matching up with the actual quantity sent. For example, I place a €2 bet on a market (equivalent quantity sent in the api terms was 400000 ), and we I view my recent orders I see that quantity: 355960. The bet was not filled or partially filled (as I expected as I was way back from the market). But I would expect these 2 numbers to match up unless I am misunderstanding something


Can you please DM me the full response you receive from your GET on /v3/orders route? I’ll look into this further

Hi Eddie - thanks for getting back. As I was copying and pasting the response I’ve actually just realised that there were further fields called quantity_user_currency which is as I expected. I think the quantity field is in GBP and my account is in Euros (which seems about right since the quantity was approx 10% off). All good now, cheers!