Parent_ID - can't find leagues

Firstly - love the API. Very clear structure.

I am struggling though to find the area where the ParentIDs are defined. They relate to competition but I cant find the area where I can query that.



I’m glad to hear you’re liking the API!

I’m not quite sure I understand your question. Do you mean you’re struggling to find the ID for something like Seria A, Premier League or other competitions?

I can find the ID - but can’t see what that links to. so what call would i use to bring back what league the parent id 30371165 refers to. I can work it out by taking the full slug in events and trimming it but there must be a cleaner way?

You can get the name of the competition by calling the parent id in GET /v3/events/


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Hi all

I’m having a similar issue, but not quite the same. Can we get from the API the competitions?
What I would like is to get a list of horse race meetings for the day. i.e Royal Ascot or Haydock. Then filter the events based on these meetings. Is this something which is possible?

Or if not, can I filter the events to just be UK and Ireland horse races?

Thanks in advance