Place order - outcome void

I’m trying to place order unsuccessfully. I am getting outcome: void, There are a number of fields in the response that aren’t in the documentation.

request, trying to place 3.03 at odds of 1.26

contract_id: ‘36569680’,
market_id: ‘10423675’,
minimum_accepted_quantity: 3030,
price: 7937,
quantity: 3030,
side: ‘sell’



Hey Tim,

I assume you posted a response from the GET /v3/orders/ route? If you check the schema under the 200 response you’ll notice that “outcome”:“void” means that this contract was no longer available to be traded on.

I can see that you were trading on Dayana Yastremska vs Irina-Camelia Begu. This match got cancelled and as a result all bets were voided on 10/08/2020, 10:17:54 UTC.

View event on site

ok thanks for pointing to the schema, its a bit confusing because the POST has a response schema, but it isn’t complete. So not very intuitive to go find the meaning from the GET response.

I’ve tried another one which looks ok to me, can you help point error out, there is no data returned:

url: ‘’,
method: ‘POST’,
data: {
contract_id: ‘36589072’,
market_id: ‘10428394’,
minimum_accepted_quantity: 3040,
price: 6369,
quantity: 3040,
side: ‘buy’
headers: {}

https status 200


Are you calling GET response on /v3/orders/ with any parameters?

As per 200 status code, your bet was placed successfully so it should be returned with all orders.

Hi Eddie,

My previous post shows all the detail of what I’m sending. A POST to orders/v3, I get a 200 response with no orders returned and no orders actually placed. Without errors I can’t see what the problem is

i’ll answer my own question. Bet was completely valid but I was missing a trailing / on my orders url.

url: ‘’

should have been:
url: ‘’