Postman & Login


For a first test with Postman, i tried a post on
I went to the body section and selected “raw” and put this in there

“password”: “verysecurepassword”,
“remember”: true,
“username”: “
With my own crredentials of course and i selected json application to provide what smarkets servers expect. Here what i get as a result :slight_smile:

“factor”: “complete”,
“stop”: “2019-08-08T01:08:48.069722”,
“token”: “”,
“verify”: false

I deleted the token value in the example
Does it look correct to you?
What does mean verify and its “false” value? It means it didn’t recognize me ? But i use the credentials i’m able to login with on the web site and on this forum.

Contrary to the example given here, we don’t get this parameter :
“params”: {},

Thanks in advance for your comments

Hi Alexandre,

The response looks correct to me.
You can look at what each parameter means in and click on the “schemas” button.
In this case, “verify” is a boolean that is true if further verification (2 factor authentication) is required, false otherwise.

“params” is optional and is used for 2 factor verification only.


Informative, thank you and good point about the schema button.

About the 2 factor verification, it’s useful to secure access to the account.
Is there a way to use it in the context of the api?

It’s not available currently to use with the API, but we can look into it.