Premier league winter promotion

Ive received a email saying I’ve a £10 free bet. Do I place as normal. I see there is no option of free bet or anything. please could you help.


The bonus works as a refund on loss. Place bets as normal and your first loss or losses will be refunded, in cash, up to £10. This can be any bet placed on the exchange - it doesn’t have to be a bet on Premier League.

I also got the same email but the bonus is not visible anywhere else on the account. is that normal?

thanks but I can’t see mine either

There are a couple of ways to check whether the bonus was added to your account. If you click on your available balance in the top right you should be able to see a “CREDIT FOR REFUND ON LOSSES” field:

Screenshot from 2019-12-10 12-50-24

And if you check your account statement page there should be an entry confirming the credit:

Screenshot from 2019-12-10 12-52-35


got it! thanks