Question about bets and lays placed on different platforms (SBK then Smarkets)


Imagine the following situation:

  1. I am currently on both Smarkets and SBK. Now imagine I wish to take advantage of 0% commission on bets, so I ask here to be siwtched over to SBK only.

  2. I place a bet, on Team A to Win the Rugby World Cup, whilst I am opted in to SBK only, at 30/1.

  3. Later, I see the odds have come down to 15/1, and I want to lock in a profit so I ask to switch back to be able to use Smarkets, and using Smarkets I place some lay bets against the same team in the same event to lock in a profit.

  4. Later, Team A wins, meaning the bet placed in SBK wins, and the corresponding lay bet in Smarkets loses.

In that situation, do I pay 0% on the back bet, which was originally placed in SBK, or 2%?

If it’s 2%, is that because I switched back to using bother platforms and automatically all active bets become liable for a 2% commission, regardless the fact that the bet was originally placed on SBK?

Or does the commission applicable depend on which platform I am on at the time the event is settled?

If it’s the latter, seems a little to good to be true? It means it’s possible to just opt into SBK the day before any bets are settled, in order to pay 0% commission on all your bets.

Thanks for clarification.

Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. Commision is charged based on what platform you are opted into at the moment the bet settles. You are able to switch your access/commision rates at any time by reaching out to us. We may not be able to switch the account if this is requested too frequently in a short period of time.

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