Recent changes to display

There have been 2 changes that I have noticed recently both of which I do not like.
At the top of the display for a specific game there was a link to the league tables. This has now disappeared. I miss it because it is a useful guide to form and likely outcome of a game.
The second change is that during an inplay game the possession stats have gone. Again these were a useful indicator the state of a game inplay.
I reported both of these to Live Chat and for the first they just said these were not available although they were until recently. On the 2nd they told me I was wrong and that they are there. I have tried different browsers and 4 different devices and they are not showing for me

I don’t think I ever used league tables but the possession stats are not showing for me either.

Hi John and Alan

Thanks for giving us feedback on the product.

The reason both of these have suddenly gone missing is that we recently changed data providers for football data. The old provider gave us access to league tables and possession statistics but the new provider does not.

Do not worry though, they will only be missing for a short amount of time because we are already looking for alternative solutions and we are hoping that in January we will both have possessions data and the league tables back. Until then accept my apologies that these things are missing.


Nice one!