Risk free premier league bet

Your risk free prem weekly bet has been a brilliant promo, can I cheekily ask if you have any plans to extend it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey James,

Glad you’re enjoying the offer, at the moment there are no further details regarding the extension of this offer I’m afraid.

What would be great is a progress bar or something, so you can see how close you are to qualifying in a given week.

Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback regarding the Winter Premier League promotion. I can confirm that your feedback has been passed on to the appropriate team.

The Premier League promotion is great, but it is frustrating on weekends like the on ahead which has only four Premier League matches!

Yep we were taken by surprise by the 4/6 split for the winter break! In light of this we’ve extended the period to get the 5 qualifying bets on to two weeks for the 10th and final “week” of the promotion. Any Premier League game between the 4th and 17th February will count.

The updated terms can be found here for reference; any questions just let us know.

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Okay thanks