SBK no vigorish/margins and no commission. Where's the catch?

SBK claims to not build a margin into their odds and it’s been confirmed above that they do not charge commission on winnings either. Looking from a punters perspective this all seems too good to be true, and hence a little suspect.

If this is the case, and they don’t operate a vigorish like a traditional bookmaker, how does SBK make money?

I may be wrong but dont they take around a 2% commission off profit?

According to another post I just got a response to, SBK do not charge a 2% commission. Some people say they do, some people say they don’t. :metal: :metal:

Smarkets do for sure, I know that much. Smarket’s also have a higher rate commission for punters who make profit over time, but it starts at 2%.

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OK fair enough. I have never used the Sportsbook from Smarkets so I can’t answer that.

The offer only apply to users from : UK, Ireland and Malta.

According to SBK’s Terms and Conditions:

“3.1 The default rate of commission on SBK is 0%.”

So, where’s the catch? How does SBK make money?

Hello Dale. It’s not exactly correct to say there’s no margin at all on SBK. The prices are largely powered by those on the exchange though and we don’t add any additional margin to those on singles. There is still an overround on each market but it’s typically lower than you’d find elsewhere.


Yes the Smarkets odds are indeed relatively good by and large in my experience.

When I look at the SBK odds on events using oddschecker, the SBK odds are always 0.1 longer than Smarkets (eg, 9.1 on Smarkets vs. 9.2 on SBK). Is this a problem with the Oddschecker page, or is it correct that normally SBK have slightly longer odds than Smarkets?

Or would it be the case that as there is a slight overround on SBK (and not on Smarkets?), the odds available on SBK are actually slightly shorter than Smarkets on average?