Simply getting started and retrieving account information

Can someone help me please? I’ve been coding for years but am relatively new to python and even newer to API use.

I’ve been using openweathermap to get used to the idea of building and posting queries and also interpreting the returned json.

MY problem is when I try to copy this to smarkets. I’ve used the webpages to obtain a token (that should be ok for now) but I’m trying to access the basic account data. The url needed appears to be - however there does not seem to be a parameter for token =12321.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting close with this but seem stumped. Can anyone help please? I need to sort this out for myself so it’s more a nudge towards the solution/documentation that I’m after. Feel free to dm if that’s your preference and thanks for looking.



You can pass the token in the request header. You might find this thread useful 401 Auth Required when accessing accounts api

Cheers Eddie. Your reply is appreciated.
I’ll take a look tonight and see how I go.


I made a start on this yesterday and made some progress. Can anyone shed any light on the “secret” parameter that is referenced in Eddie’s link?