Source of Wealth verification

I could spend the next hour typing about what a joke the Source of Wealth verification along with the people that run it are but the short version is i was asked to provide relevant documents based on a £1000 deposit over the previous 12 months, the information i was being asked to provide i deemed to be over the top down to wanting specific and very confidential information on tenants i have in a couple of rented properties i own along with my tax returns etc etc .
Applying for a Mortgage requires less information, i dare say it would have to be something quite serious for HMRC to ask for the same depth of information, having looked at other sites information on Source of Wealth verification it appears the information asked for should be comparable to the amount of money the verification is based on in my case £1000 over 12 month .
The time taking to respond to e.mails is ridiculous even to the point that my last reply was to ask them to return any fund in to my account and close the account and would they be so kind as to send my e.mail to the CEO as the verification process has taken over 6 months now and doesnt seem to be any nearer than when i was first asked.
Having been with Smarkets for around 15 years i expected more from a company i thought was a cut above others, how naïve it appears i am , i dont expect much response from this but come on Smarkets wake up

Hi Glyn. I would like to firstly apologise for the delay with your verification and the inconvenience that this has caused you. We’re currently reviewing a very large number of accounts so the processing time is somewhat higher than we’d typically expect. We agree that this process may be exhaustive, and the teams involved are looking into ways to manage this better.

All betting operators licensed in the UK are required to have policies and procedures in place in line with regulations set out the UK Gambling Commission with regards to anti money laundering and social responsibility. The checks we have in place are designed to verify the funds customers are using on the Smarkets platform are from a legitimate source and that the level of spend is affordable. The UK Gambling Commission offer a brief breakdown here: Gambling Commission website - Gambling Commission whilst further information can be accessed through their website Gambling Commission website - Gambling Commission.