Technical issues 28th/29th October

As an update to our email earlier today, we expect to have corrected all remaining customer balances which were affected by last night’s technical issue by 20:00 GMT this evening.

We are aware of a related issue currently blocking multiples for some of our users and we anticipate this will also be fixed within the next few hours.

Once again we appreciate your patience on this matter and offer our sincere apologies for the disruption caused.

Well it’s now 20.50 on the 29th, and mine has still not been sorted. Are you working with carrier pigeons!! This is not good!!:tired_face:

We are continuing to have issues following downtime on 28th October, which has caused issues with transactions and settlements between 19:19 GMT and 00:33 GMT. Please note that statement pages are showing incorrect data at this time.

Although P&L has now been credited to the majority of users for the affected bets, exposure from some bets placed on 28th October hasn’t yet been released into all user accounts. We are working overnight to fix this as soon as possible.

It’s twice now that you’ve expected to correct all remaining customer balances. However, mine is still incorrect and 2 bets from Wednesday evening are still to be settled. What’s the point of saying an expected time if you cannot achieve it!?

I have worked in support jobs before, and you should only give a time to your customers/users if you are highly confident of reaching it.

I have been using Smarkets for a long time, mainly due to the 0% commission. But I have to say, this is swaying me more towards using Betfair as my only betting exchange, with whom I’ve never had any issues.

I expect to have my balance corrected by the end of the weekend, if that’s not too much trouble (it probably will be).

Are we going to have our balances updated and bets from WEDNESDAY night settled any time soon? Not only have you trashed the midweek football you are also out to destroy the weekend too by not settling our midweek bets. What an absolute shambles.

Mine still not fixed.

They have took a lay bet out twice, and now apparently I OWE money. What a bodge of a fix and a great way to lose loyal customers.

No live chat, so have come here. Not expecting much to be honest - massively disappointed and now gone to Betfair.

Edit Just noticed on latest posts that this board is not very active, so another pointless gesture. Bye Smarkets.

Hi Jason, sorry to hear this. Do you mind sending us an email to so that we can look into this for you?

I’m now £80 down for several bets placed during this time, can you please advise what bets you settled and why I’ve got an “admin debit” showing on my statement? If it wasn’t for your issue, 2 out of 3 of my bets would have matched, or I would have been able to manually match them!

Been in the same situation and it is quite disappointing. I hope the necessary measures will be taken and it will never happen again.

Updates and system stability are difficult thing to manage but we have to be patient. I agree with your opinions but there is no need of complaints.