Tokyo Olympics

Smarkets Betting Exchange:

Australia Number of Gold Medals: Under 13.5 $1.77 v $1.94 Over 13.5

USA Number of Gold Medals: Under 42.5 $2.28 v $1.54 Over 42.5

UK Number of Gold Medals: Under 14.5 $1.88 v $1.82 Over 14.5

One of the first few of major upsets at the Olympics, Egypt draw 0-0 with Spain. Pre-game Spain were 1.20 to win

In the basketball, Team USA lose to France, after trading 1.02 in-play…

just saw the basketball score for todays game, Slovenia 118-110 Argentina

Luka Doncic with 48 points Astonished face :astonished:

4 bets for me in the soccer on the Exchange

Lay Sweden @ 1.21. Sweden have already qualified and may put the cue in the rack here. NZ still have a mathematical chance of qualifying for the next stage.

Lay USA Women @ 1.34. This US team has been under pressure from their local media after that shock Sweden loss. This will be a good test against the Australian side.

Lay Japan Women @ 1.33 . Japan team are the ones under pressure and pressure does funny things to sports team and individuals.

Lay Netherlands women @ 1.22. Similar to the Swedens, the Dutch don’t have much to play for here.

Reckon at least 1 of those 4 favs dont win tonight.