Trade out improvement

I think the trade out feature needs to be like it’s at Matchbook.

It’s so frustrating when you want to trade out lets say 100£ in a hurry, but there is only 50£ in the market at current odds, and you have to insert 100£ +/- profit or loss manually because there is «Not enough liquidity at the moment».

The trade out feature needs to make a complete order at the current price no matter how much liquidity is in the market at the current odds. usually it will be matced in a matter of seconds anyways.

It really is a lot easier to trade out in a hurry at matchbook. Please make this feature at smarkets too.

Hi Knut, when you say a complete order do you mean you would like the trade out button to match for the available liquidity, i.e. £50 as in your example and the rest would remain unmatched?


It would really help in cases where you want to trade out for a profit and the odds is swinging by many percent in a matter of seconds and you want to trade out without having to manually set a trade out bet.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely pass this to the tech guys as a suggestion.