Trade out improvement

I think the trade out feature needs to be like it’s at Matchbook.

It’s so frustrating when you want to trade out lets say 100£ in a hurry, but there is only 50£ in the market at current odds, and you have to insert 100£ +/- profit or loss manually because there is «Not enough liquidity at the moment».

The trade out feature needs to make a complete order at the current price no matter how much liquidity is in the market at the current odds. usually it will be matced in a matter of seconds anyways.

It really is a lot easier to trade out in a hurry at matchbook. Please make this feature at smarkets too.

Hi Knut, when you say a complete order do you mean you would like the trade out button to match for the available liquidity, i.e. £50 as in your example and the rest would remain unmatched?


It would really help in cases where you want to trade out for a profit and the odds is swinging by many percent in a matter of seconds and you want to trade out without having to manually set a trade out bet.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely pass this to the tech guys as a suggestion.

I agree the Smarkets Tradeout needs to be a lot better, regardless of liquidity once we hit the tradeout button we want our bet to attempt to get matched, it doesnt matter if there is volume/liquidity there or not, just place our bet and allow the money to attempt to get matched as opposed to throwing an error back in our faces because of not enough liquidity. Even if there was a summary warning to tells us ‘there is not enough liquidity, do you still wish to proceed?’ this would still be a hundreds times better than a failed to execute responce just because the bet cant be matched all in one throw