Trade Out On Desktop

For me personally, something similar to Betfair Exchange’s ‘Cash Out’ feature on the desktop would be much more simpler.

On Betfair, as clear as day it has the cash out amount - then nicely colour coded underneath in green or red it tells you in layman’s terms what your P&L is.

The Smarkets mobile app is slightly better when clicking ‘trade out’ as it states ‘Loss’ and then the negative figure next to it, for example ‘Loss: -£10.’

Even though it’s all one colour, green, and slightly confusing at first glance because, for me personally, green is always a positive, I much prefer it over the desktop site because when I click ‘trade out’ on the desktop I get greeted with ‘BUY £32.46 AT 5.7.’

I’m sure it makes perfect sense, but I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what my P&L is at first glance.

Even if someone could explain it t me I’d be ever so grateful.