Unmatched bets transferring to inplay

Is there a way of transferring unmatched pre-race bets to in play?

For example, on Betfair, an unmatched bet can be ‘Cancelled’, ‘Keep’ or ’ Take SP’. Is this an option on Smarkets? If it is, is there an option on the API to keep the bet in in-play?


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Hi Rexxy,

You would need to place your order using the type ‘keep_in_play’ for it to be kept through the market halting, this isn’t something you could alter for an order you have already placed though. If you have an unmatched order with a different type you would just need to cancel it then replace the order as ‘keep_in_play’.

Thanks, Cameron,

I completely missed that in the documentation. Thanks for the additional notes. I will keep those in mind!!