What is going on?

This site has been absolutely awful of late. Twice I’ve had bets placed that were reported as not placed. Now today trying to lay Accas…when selections are made get the “these selections are not available” message despite there being thousands of cash in the markets??? Please get this sorted or I’ll be forced to take my custom elsewhere.

Hi Thomas,

Sorry for the trouble. The multiples feature is currently down and our tech team are working to fix it asap.

I agree, I have almost lost money when bets placed twice. I think it is time to start looking at another exchange. Shame, Smarkets has been my go to for over a year.

Unfortunately, my friend has also lost some money. Not such great amount but still this would had been avoided. Please do what is necessary to improve the system.

There are moments I get annoyed indeed and I am sure the problem can be fixed if someone even care.