When a user places a bet that takes all liquidity for a specific price, is the price and its liquidity removed from the market the moment the bet is placed, despite the bet delay?

There is a bet delay of 8 seconds for football inplay. Let’s say someone is offering the only price of 2.5 volume £5, if a user were to take that bet at £5, what happens to it on the market? Is it removed immediately from view whilst waiting for the bet delay to complete, and returned to the market if the bet is cancelled?

Or does the bet remain on the market right up until it has been completely bought, never to be returned?

I see prices which disappear seconds after they appear, which leads me to the former conclusion, for if that were not the case surely there would always be minimum 8 seconds before the price would leave a market upon appearing?

Edit: it seems the former occurs with instant match, the latter with all other games. Am I correct?


Instant Match matches your bets immediately so market liquidity will be reduced as soon as you place your bet.

If you are betting on any market with a regular in-play delay your bet will only be matched once the confirmation period is over.

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