Womens Cricket World Cup 2022

a bit of an upset brewing in West Indies v England women

this is going to go down to the wire

England women need 43 off 9 overs with 2 wickets in hand.

Pakistan women score 190 off Australian women in the last game on the same ground. Think they are a chance to chase this down.

thats a beautiful shot from Omaima


Well played Smriti on her 100.

India will be satisfied with that score of 317 batting 1st up against the West Indies.

Ground at Seddon Park seems a tad higher scoring.

Anyone here been there before?

ODI Rankings

1 Australia
2 England
3 South Africa
4 India
5 New Zealand
6 West Indies
7 Pakistan
8 Bangladesh

World cup standings as at 13 March:

Australia 3-0
India 2-1 (lost to 5th-ranked New Zealand)
South Africa 2-0
New Zealand 2-2 (lost to 1st-ranked Australia and 6th-ranked West Indies)
West Indies 2-1 (lost to 4th-ranked India)
England 0-2 (lost to 1st-ranked Australia and 6th-ranked West Indies)

Betting odds to win tournament:
Australia $1.40
India $8.50 New Zealand $8.50
West Indies $11.00
England $13.00
South Africa $13.00

India, New Zealand and England have already lost matches to teams ranked lower than themselves.
Apart from Australia, South Africa is the only team to remain undefeated. However it should be noted that their two wins were against Pakistan and Bangladesh

It would be criminal if England didnt face their full 50 overs off South Africa here.

South Africas highest chase in World Cup history is 207. They have to chase 236 to win here (against England)

100 for Sidra Amin. She needs to go on and finish this off for Pakistan

Diana Baig 444444444444444444444444

Pakistan women need 25 off 18 with 2 in hand against Bangladesh

Paki need a miracle now, 19 needed of the last 2 overs against Bangas

jeez that was a woeful LBW call on Kapp there .

Fair play to Ecclestone, bowled really well for England.

this Womens World Cup has had cracking games.

Have a 1st slip there and Kapp would have been goners

Shrubsole been in a good paddock