Wtf have you done to the accas this week

It has been fine until now. How much of a cut did you guys add this week? 2000%? When you add a 1.56 * 1.66 you get a 2.42 buy and 2.88 lay price. This is so useless. On unibet you get a 2.54. How can you lay that shit? Last week its was so much better. So stop this bullshit and just set it back to how it was last week or add pre made accas back.

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They are a joke, for the last two days cannot make multiple bets doubles, trebles etc, i told them YESTERDAY, went to place some doubles today guess what, nothing changed , the boy on the desk says, we are having issues,

yes, its called LOSING customers,


Any chance this will be fixed? Its useless atm…

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Can someone reply with why this was changed from being OK to now totaly useless? Why remove the premade accas and replace them with this useless function?

We added the new feature so we could support backing and laying of multiples across a wider range of sports and markets. It also allows placing a multiple without having to get in touch with us to first create a market. This should make the process more straightforward and prevent the need to lay sequentially where it would’ve been necessary previously, as we weren’t able to create limitless markets with the old system.

We do definitely appreciate the feedback though and we are working to improve both the limits and the pricing on offer.

The idea is great. But the change you guys made a few weeks ago to the pricing makes it unusable to use with the lay funtion because the price is so wrong to the one with get at bookmakers.

Really sucks

Smarkets, you really need to alter the cut you take out of these Accas as you are going to lose an awful lot of business.

Currently there are two Accas available on Matchbook

Belgium, Italy and Portugal to lay on MB is 4.8 on SM 5.5

England, Italy and Belgium on MB is 5.5 on SM 6.0

Thats shocking.

Hey Brian. Looking now at the lay price on Smarkets for the two accas you’ve mentioned is currently lower than you’ve quoted here - could you check again? You’re also not just limited to the two trebles with us of course, but we are taking note of the feedback regarding both prices and limits as we are aware they might not always be the best available right now.

Totally agree with you, mate. Really unpleasant experience and the consequences can be serious.

I have noticed this too and I hope someone will fix it.